Philips Group Agreements on Electric Vehicle, Energy and Construction …

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Philips Group (Chairman Bang Seung-ho) was assured of full support from the Bulgarian government when it discussed with the Bulgarian Ministry of Investment and Economic Affairs (Karanikolov) on Wednesday that Philips Evie, Philips Energy, and Philips Engineering & Construction under Philips Group would enter Bulgaria.

Bulgaria's investment and economy minister said he would "support on very good terms," including all incentives that could be offered to Philips Group.

Philips Group, which started producing bicycles in Birmingham, England in 1892, had a huge impact on distribution at that time, and had 127 years of deep-rooted know-how as a group that supported tanks and armored vehicles to the Allied Forces during the World War, decided to establish electric cars, electric motorcycles, electric bus assembly centers, and battery development companies as its base in Bulgaria to enter the European market in earnest.